Hormone Testing & GASTROINTESTINAL Evaluation

Hormonal evaluation is done through saliva collection. Dr Dominique prefers this more dynamic means of assessing hormone in action. She measures reproductive and stress hormones such as cortisol levels.

Dr D looks at the whole metabolic cascade that is associated with hormonal output. For example high testosterone is often linked to insulin upsurges.  Regulating blood sugar first might suffice in down regulating the excess testosterone.

The GI test is done through a specimen collection, using reputable labs such as Bio Health or Metametrix and Diagnostechs.

The entire digestive tract is one of the primary lines of defense of the body. An unsuspected acute or chronic gut infection will offset cortisol output, thereby having a direct impact on your hormonal expression. It goes without saying that those obvious or more subtle types of infections may also interfere with the integrity of the lining of the tract, disrupting proper absorption and elimination.

I've always felt cared for in Dr. D's sessions. I know I'm in good hands. She is caring, smart and oh so generous. I always feel more spacious in my body after a session with her. It's not just about having less pain, but having more vitality and ease. She definitely models that.

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