Concepts of a Healthy being

1. The Pillars of Health

The Pillars of Health is a composite of the various interconnected facets of our health. Dr. Dominique takes into account all of the various aspects of your health because they cannot be separated.

2. Functional Medicine as an integrative approach to health

Functional Medicine describes a new focus, one to correct physiological function versus only chasing the obliteration of symptoms. For example correcting a blood sugar issue would physiologically correct the lipids (Cholesterol Etch) imbalance, instead of only controlling cholesterol with medication without correcting the core of cholesterol issues which could be sugar metabolism in majority of patients.

As in the health pillars interconnected facets, Functional Medicine recognizes the web of the body’s interrelated functions. To assess a cholesterol problem without understanding the sugar metabolism or instigating a brain function without looking into the gut health would be implausible. All is in play with each other and this approach requires a thorough knowledge of its physiology.

3. Health is a Journey not an End

She deeply believes that to teach you on how your body responds to our environment our genetics and every day choices you make, could facilitate your optimum health.

She also knows that heath is in constant motion as in time and space, therefore she sees Health as a Journey, as she guides you through your life’s web of challenges.



After many years of battling unexplained infertility, I am now 17 weeks pregnant at the ripe old age of 40. What hope you have given me! You are responsible for this growing miracle inside me! Thank you, Dr. D.
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