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The Triangle of Health

The Triangle of Health is a composite of the various interconnected facets of our health. Dr. Dominique is not your average Ventura Chiropractor, she takes into account all of the various aspects of your health because they cannot be separated.


Dominique Lafleur, D.C.

Your Personalized Journey to Wellness

Born and raised in the beautiful country side of Quebec Canada, Dr. Dominique Lafleur benefited from having a passionate and innovative father as a Chiropractic Physician. She learned and experienced at an early age that the rhythmic cycles of nature and health are not separate, rather they are synchronistic.

Dr. Lafleur finds that there is always a bigger picture of any one’s health issue, and in that viewing and understanding she can provide effective protocols for each individual. (For example: the arthritis or asthma of one or another individual may be cared for with a different approach depending on the genetic tendencies, daily environmental exposure, nutritional and food habits.)

Dr. Lafleur graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and she continues to expand her knowledge by taking post graduate education courses and seminars on a regular basis. She continues to search for consistency in well being while balancing living in our environment, understanding how food can sustain life in you or harm you. Her focus is to teach patients self reliance and responsibility for their own health. Dr. Lafleur provides practical and individualized care.

Her Clinical Focus

Dr. Lafleur has been in practice for almost 30 years. She loves sharing the wealth of information she has gathered over the years with her patients. Her focus is, the comprehensive examination and understanding of:

1) Inflammatory processes as a normal physiological response to daily challenges gone into overdrive... (For example, all the “itis” such as arthritis, gastritis, and bronchitis etc.)

2) The body’s demonstration of signs of maladaptation? (For example, body aches, headache, joint pain, mood swings, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues, accelerated aging, skin instability...)

3) Muscular skeletal problems and how they are a reflection of biochemistry imbalance. For example, painful trigger points are usually due to PH fluctuation which builds from imbalance in diet, chronic gut infection, stress, etc. Vigorously stimulating those points would bring only temporary relief, until we restore a proper PH.

About her Services

The layout of a patient’s health is like a dismantled puzzle that Dr. D helps to reconstruct. She is sometimes described as a detective using the patient’s previous and present history, life style, habits, diet preference etc. to establish a baseline.

Some of the tools Dr. D. may be using are: • laboratory evaluation such as saliva testing (to detect stress maladaptation), • blood analysis for nutritional assessment and prevention. She also uses Specimen collection to rule deep or hidden gut disturbances. She believes that gut issues may play a major role in the impact on all other systems (inflammation, autoimmune response, stress maladaptation). She might use a specific • Applied Kinesiology testing method to prioritize the care for the patient and recommend associated protocols for each individual.

As a Chiropractic Physician she believes that the spinal integrity promotes the body’s own healing processes. She lived it as a child every day of her life until now. She compares the spinal cord to a super information highway facilitating communication between the brain and the parts. The information from the parts (extremities, internal organs, the skin, etc.) can then relay clearer messages to the brain of its needs, so the proper dispatch can be done and balancing (healing) can take place.

Health is a Journey

Dr. Dominique Lafleur’s practice is based on a lifetime experience, clinical observations and study on the latest state of the art nutritional and biochemistry fields. It is the wide spectrum of her studies and interests that she brings to her patients, facilitating individualized care.

She believes that ... Health Is A Journey, Not An End.


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