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Hot stone massage or reflexology

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Functional Blood Analysis

Laboratory range versus Functional range... that is the question! Really it is the answer to a profound approach to assess nutritional deficiencies and perhaps prevent metabolic stress.  Dr D uses Functional ranges which means, ranges that meet a better physiological expectation for optimum performance.

Hormone Testing
and GI Evaluation

Hormonal evaluation is done through saliva collection. Dr Dominique prefers this more dynamic means of assessing hormone in action. She measures reproductive and stress hormones such as cortisol levels.

Nutritional Care

Dr Lafleur makes nutritional and supplemental nutrient recommendation based on the patient symptom’s health questionnaire, blood analysis review and the patient’s family tendencies and history. She also uses Applied Kinesiology as another tool for neurological feedback to assess compatibility of the nutrients and refinement to the individual needs.

Chiropractic Care

Dr D’s chiropractic adjustment is a perfect way to restore the spine‘s neuronal information from and to the different parts of the body, thus allowing wellbeing. Dr D uses different modality such as a gentle soft tissue correction, meningeal’s techniques or more corrective types of adjustment as needed or requested.

Concepts of a Healthy being

The Pillars of Health

The Pillars of Health are a composite of the various interconnected facets of our health. Dr. Dominique takes into account all of the various aspects of your health because they cannot be separated.

Functional Medicine as an Integrative Approach to Health

Functional Medicine describes a new focus, one to correct physiological function versus only chasing the obliteration of symptoms. For example correcting a blood sugar issue would physiologically correct the lipids (Cholesterol Etc.) imbalance, instead of only controlling cholesterol with medication ...

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